Saturday, January 22, 2011

Warm Saturday

Outside temp was 0 at the barn this morning, inside the barn it was 50 and humid :)  perfect for a riding lesson!  Mathai had a wonderful lesson today on one of his favorite lesson horses Susie.  We met a new student and her Mom today too :)  The young girl's name is Maggie, this makes 2 Maggie's in the barn!  Mathai didn't get too much time for talking with our new barn friend Maggie, but we'll be seeing more of her I'm sure.

We have spent the day inside being warm for the most part.  As I said, it is frigid outside! Hubby is watching a movie, and I'm knitting away.  I'm just about ready to start decreasing my socks at the toe!! I tried one on, and it fits!!!  I couldn't believe it!!  In a previous post, I stated that I wasn't too sure if they would.  I'm happy and proud to say that they will!

I'll happily post a picture of them when they are all done.

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