Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Wow!  I'm beyond words :)  both my Hubby and Son want a pair of socks!  Hubby said " You make stuff and give it away, when are you going to make me something?"  And my Son "If you make Appa a pair of socks, then you have to make me a pair too!!"  He has already taken the hat that was supposed to be for me, lol and he requested I make him a new scarf earlier this month.  I asked him why he likes the things that I make, I was informed that I put so much love into them.  How can anything compare to that??

I started a pair of socks for hubby, but I have to frog them and start again, they were just too big around.  So I'm off with the requests of my family :) to knit some more.

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