Monday, August 29, 2011

A Step in Life

I'm so excited, I'm going for my first interview since our son was born!  I was shortlisted for a one on one interview at a health insurance company, and I'm lucky enough that it is under 10 miles away :)

What does this change...only everything!  My stitching is going to be limited, which means I will have to break down and tell hubby about the Taj :(  I was really hoping to keep it a secret and give it to him next year for his birthday, but if I'm working, I'll never have time alone to work on it.

Hubby did promise help with the house work, which means that I'll be looking for someone to clean once a  week :)

Now, to the current project that I'm working on.  I started another small hardanger piece, I want to make sure that I have good technique before setting it aside for the cross stitch.  However, this one I'm struggling with.  I have had to frog it more then I have stitched...oh well, that is the way it is when you learn something new.

So, I'm going to finish here and get back to stitching/frogging...LOL...

Happy Stitching!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


I'm having too much fun with this!!  

If I thought that cutting my first threads was a scary, cutting out the whole piece was almost more then I could handle...LOL...but I did it!!!  

I think I'm going to try something out of the Priscilla I go!!!

Ohhh...and here are some pics of the ornament :)

Before I cut it hands were shaking!!!

And here it is!!  

Until next time...

Happy Stitching!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My First Attempt at Hardanger

I'm sooooo excited!!  I know it's small and I can see some mistakes, but I did it!!!

I didn't use the correct threads, so I can't expect did go out yesterday and purchased some 22ct hardanger fabric and the correct threads, so I'm looking forward to trying a harder piece!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I think I found a new hobby...

I have been busy lately with back to school shopping and my normal daily routine.  When I get online, I tend to read blogs and search for new cross stitch patterns.  I have never tried to make a biscornu, so I have been looking patterns for those.  While searching pictures, I ran across one that was hardanger.  I'm in LOVE!!  I have seen Hardanger before, but never really LOOKED at it.  Now see, this is something that drives hubby NUTS, I just have to get "one more project" and my list grows :)

I have been scouring the internet for free patterns and hardanger how-tos, but there isn't much out there.  I broke down and bought a book!

I am in love with several of the patterns, but I can see that this is written for someone who already knows this style of embroidery.  I think I'll just start with some small basic things and see how it goes.

I'm thinking that I can get a small pattern made for Christmas ornaments to give as gifts, which means that I'll be pushing back my fairy piece, but isn't that the norm!!

Ok...I do have a piece that I just have to get finished!!

Happy Stitching!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Counting Eludes Me :(

I'm working on a Fairy for World of Charity Cross Stitch, and I have had to frog her skirt bottom 5 times :o(  UGHHHH  Just when I think the count is right....NOPE....I'm going to kick that frog to the curb!!!

Friday, August 5, 2011


I was able to work off and on with this small mindless piece.  I love it, I'm thinking about using it as an outside pocket of a bag :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I have been so very busy this week, and it's not over!  Sadly, I haven't even been able to pick up my stitching :(  but, it's kinda been nice :)  I don't get the chance to run all over and do things with friends, and this week I have been doing just that!  The house work has suffered along with the stitching, the only thing I have been able to do is keep dinner at the's been kinda nice to have the opportunity for the change up in things...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Things come too easy for him...

Mathai had a lesson this past Saturday, and it was less then a pretty sight.  After almost an hour of his riding instructor telling him the same things over and over, I stepped in and told her enough he's done.

With the lesson being over, he was sent to take care of his horse while Kristen (riding instructor) Hubby and I discussed the show next weekend.  The final consensus is that he simply didn't put in the effort to show.  According to Kristen, he had moments where he was a better rider then the other girl in the arena (she has multiple championships) but again, they were only moments, and he needs to maintain his strength and form for the entire class.

There are many things that I can teach Mathai, but I'm stuck at how to teach him to put effort into something :(

I'm a SAHM, my day is filled with cleaning, laundry, yard work, gardening, cooking and if I'm lucky stitching gets in there somewhere.  Mathai has been given the responsibility of cleaning his toy room and bedroom along with feeding the dogs, and he is required to clean to my standards ;o)

As we are sitting here working on a lesson book, I hear  "I can't do this, tell me which is correct!"  The answers are given to him, he simply needs to put them in the right place....arrrhhhhhhhh  LOL

I can't get him to understand that life is only going to get harder, and unless he puts effort into learning and even playing, then nothing will ever happen.....

With that said, I'm done with my rant!!!

I'm off to get the cleaning done and get some stitching in!!