Monday, August 1, 2011

Things come too easy for him...

Mathai had a lesson this past Saturday, and it was less then a pretty sight.  After almost an hour of his riding instructor telling him the same things over and over, I stepped in and told her enough he's done.

With the lesson being over, he was sent to take care of his horse while Kristen (riding instructor) Hubby and I discussed the show next weekend.  The final consensus is that he simply didn't put in the effort to show.  According to Kristen, he had moments where he was a better rider then the other girl in the arena (she has multiple championships) but again, they were only moments, and he needs to maintain his strength and form for the entire class.

There are many things that I can teach Mathai, but I'm stuck at how to teach him to put effort into something :(

I'm a SAHM, my day is filled with cleaning, laundry, yard work, gardening, cooking and if I'm lucky stitching gets in there somewhere.  Mathai has been given the responsibility of cleaning his toy room and bedroom along with feeding the dogs, and he is required to clean to my standards ;o)

As we are sitting here working on a lesson book, I hear  "I can't do this, tell me which is correct!"  The answers are given to him, he simply needs to put them in the right place....arrrhhhhhhhh  LOL

I can't get him to understand that life is only going to get harder, and unless he puts effort into learning and even playing, then nothing will ever happen.....

With that said, I'm done with my rant!!!

I'm off to get the cleaning done and get some stitching in!!

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  1. (((((hugs))))) It's tough being a mom, and kids would always choose the easiest way out.... I know we try to. ;) I teach piano, and I know where you're coming from about them not trying to their full potential. So, we encourage and support and at times, get stern and hope that something gets through. :)