Thursday, August 11, 2011

I think I found a new hobby...

I have been busy lately with back to school shopping and my normal daily routine.  When I get online, I tend to read blogs and search for new cross stitch patterns.  I have never tried to make a biscornu, so I have been looking patterns for those.  While searching pictures, I ran across one that was hardanger.  I'm in LOVE!!  I have seen Hardanger before, but never really LOOKED at it.  Now see, this is something that drives hubby NUTS, I just have to get "one more project" and my list grows :)

I have been scouring the internet for free patterns and hardanger how-tos, but there isn't much out there.  I broke down and bought a book!

I am in love with several of the patterns, but I can see that this is written for someone who already knows this style of embroidery.  I think I'll just start with some small basic things and see how it goes.

I'm thinking that I can get a small pattern made for Christmas ornaments to give as gifts, which means that I'll be pushing back my fairy piece, but isn't that the norm!!

Ok...I do have a piece that I just have to get finished!!

Happy Stitching!!!


  1. Oh oooooh, awesome, Heather. I've always loved hardanger,but haven't gotten into it yet. Now, I can live vicariously off you. :D

  2. More like listen to my rants!! LOL ....I'm really excited to give this a try!!