Friday, June 17, 2011

Idle Hands...

Ok, so we have been back from the Bonnie Blue for a couple of weeks.  Mathai did GREAT!  I can't believe how hard my 6 year old worked :)  He ended up in walk/trot (no leadline) and took second in both his classes!!!

As for me, I'm picking up my cross stitch again.  This time, I'm finishing the butterflies and starting the Taj Mahal Mandala Garden.  I have been sitting on the Taj for almost 2 years, a little intimidated by the whole "embellished" aspect of it.  I found a great forum, and the ladies have been such a huge help!

I'll post pics as I go!!

Also, I'll get some pics of The Bonnie Blue too :)

Until next time!!

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