Thursday, August 19, 2010

We can only be positive :)

Oh boy!!  Just when we think things are going great, something comes along and bites us in a**!!

Let me start with Mathai's horse show.  He did GREAT!!   Got 3rd place out of 10 riders :)  we couldn't have asked for him to do any better.  Here he is...

I have been working on my cross stitch, excited to be almost finished with the butterflies!  Really getting tired of all the back stitch.  I know that it adds to the project, but man does it really suck :)  So, thinking life is going along great...

The other day, Hubby was on his way to pick up a co-worker and had an accident in my truck.  Now the truck is in the shop getting mechanical and body work done :(  Wonder how much this is going to cost in the long run.  Yes, we have insurance, but there is always something that isn't covered...

Oh well, Life Goes On :)  I'll just keep being positive and thinking happy thoughts..LOL  

Guess it's time to stitch!!

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