Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What a weekend

To our great sadness, we had to put our cat to sleep this past Saturday :(  We had adopted her about 10 years ago from our local animal shelter.  The past week or so, we could see that she wasn't herself so on Sat. I took her to the vet.  It was a hard, but the most loving, decision that I had to make.  The vet said that she was in liver failure and her outlook was grim, so there was only one loving thing to do.

RIP Pooch 1996-2010

Yesterday, we decided that there was an emptiness in the house.  Mathai and I went to the same shelter that we adopted Poocha from and picked out a kitty that was in need of a new forever home.  Mathai is into Star Wars the Clone Wars, so he decided that kitty had that go from Madaliene to Shmi.  Meet Shmi!

I have still been stitching along on the Alphabet piece, but am getting really fed up with the back stitching.  I know that it brings the pieces to life, but they are so gosh darn tedious!  I'll get an updated pic in another day or so :)

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